About Your Celebrant - Jennifer Cram
Jennifer Cram, Brisbane Scottish
                  Wedding CelebrantAs one of the few full-time professional marriage celebrants in the
Brisbane area and the only one providing a specialised service for those of Scottish heritage, I offer you the experience of 800 + happy legal weddings, each as individual as the couple, together with  many commitment, renewal of vows and other ceremonies.

I am based in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and conduct ceremonies throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, Redlands, Redcliffe, Logan, Pine Rivers.

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant I was appointed by the Attorney-General to conduct civil marriage ceremonies in compliance with the requirements of the Marriage Act, and have been doing so since 2006. While appointed by government to solemnise marriages, I am an independent small business owner specialising in the provision of a wide range of ceremonies, including Scottish weddings. As you can see from my colouring, my roots are in the north of Scotland!

I am also authorised by the Queensland Government to conduct Civil Partnership Declaration Ceremonies.

As a Secular Humanist I adhere to a rational philosophy informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion.  I strongly affirm the dignity of each human being, support the  maximisation of individual liberty and opportunity consonant with both social and environmental responsibility, and endorse democracy, education, equality, justice, tolerance, reason and environmental responsibility. 

The unique ceremonies I create for my clients reference their beliefs, not my own. While I specialise in meaningful non-religious ceremonies so you can be confident that, unlike a distressingly significant proportion of civil celebrants I will not see your ceremony as an opportunity to indulge in missionary activities and spring religious content on you without warning. But you can also be confident that I will respect your belief system, whatever it is, and if you wish, include expressions of your spirituality in your ceremony.

In Australia there is no prohibition on inclusion of religious expression within a civil ceremony provided that it is at the express request of the client.

Why should you trust me with your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony?
My business philosophy is simple: I focus on not following the pack. What this means is that  I do not provide standard ceremonies indistinguishable from the many ceremonies you've experienced as a guest - ceremonies that frankly alienate and bore the guests and do little to enhance relationships.

Instead I concentrate on being original, on giving exceptional value for money, great service, and a joyous and meaningful ceremonial experience for you and for your guests.

I am a full-time professional celebrant
And by full-time I mean really full-time. I do not have obligations to anyone or anything that may compromise my capacity to meet your needs or to attend on the day of your ceremony
  • I DO NOT have obligations to an employer 
  • I DO NOT have obligations to a young family
  • I DO NOT have  obligations to children's sporting or hobby schedule
  • I DO NOT have obligations to personal interests or groups

I am accredited by the Australian Bridal Industry Academy and have been a finalist in the ABIA awards every year from 2009 (Winner 2013)

I am well presented
I am well-spoken with good voice projection. My dress style is elegant and understated. I never under dress. I will seek information from you about the dress-code for your occasion together with your chosen colour scheme so that I can ensure that what I wear will coordinate but will not compete

I give you more... of everything ...
  • more time
  • more attention
  • more creativity
  • more information
  • more resources
  • more autonomy in relation to your ceremony - which means I don't impose anything on you. In fact I encourage you to think outside the box (even throw the box away) in order to have a ceremony that is yours and no-one else's.

Your Scottish wedding will be authentic
My knowledge of Scottish wedding traditions comes from both my Scottish heritage and my deep and personal understanding of Scottish wedding traditions. In addition I offer you
  • my breadth and depth of knowledge of both the legal and the ceremonial aspects of your ceremony
  • my capacity to design and deliver a ceremony that uses beautiful words to touch the hearts and minds of everyone present
  • my capacity to design and direct a ceremony that is visually satisfying and delivers opportunities for stunning photographs

The difference between personal and personalised
I differentiate between personal and personalised. The  'personalised' ceremony that most couples have to settle for is i the type of personalisation you get when you buy a car. Everyone recognises it for what it is (make and model), all you've been able to do to put your personal stamp on it is choose the colour, choose a few internal features from a very limited list of options, maybe spring for slightly fancier wheels and perhaps add a racing stripe down the sides. Following that logic, a 'personalised' ceremony is generally a standard or mix-and-match ceremony (i.e. one which is created by selecting from pre-written sections and slotting them into a pre-determined structure)/ Such a ceremony will possibly include a section or two that is about you, but the rest could be about anyone.
I deliver only custom-created ceremonies. To achieve this I use a number of mechanisms to ensure that I understand your needs, values and wishes for your ceremony.  I work in close conjunction with you to facilitate development of a unique ceremony. While this is more work for me I feel it works much better for you and for your guests than the more-usual "mix-and-match" methodology. I will do as much of the work in writing your ceremony as you wish me to.
I am highly qualified both in general and in celebrancy
In addition to academic qualifications and many years of experience as a celebrant, I have had many years of experience in librarianship, education and management that has equipped me with highly developed skills in
  • formal public speaking
  • capacity to 'read' an audience and ensure that they connect with the ceremony
  • interviewing clients to establish their needs
  • providing service and information to clients which meets their needs and timelines
  • research, analysis and synthesis of information
  • writing (author of approximately 100 published works)
  • creativity
  • attention to detail
  • high level computer skills that enable me to produce documents with professional layout and content
  • high level of comfort and facility with online communication
  • working with others to assist them to meet their own needs and achieve their goals

You will save both time and money
Even though my fees are not as low as some celebrants charge, you get so much more for your investment, and in the long run you will save both time and money.
  • I DO NOT require you to attend numerous meetings (saving you time and money spent on petrol)
  • I'm happy to meet with you after hours or on weekends, so you do not have to take time off work
  • I advise you about the most efficient and economical ways to meet the legal requirements when you are getting married
  • I DO NOT pay kick-backs for referrals, so don't have to add those fees to what I charge you
  • I can provide you with advice about venues, council requirements and other matters, saving you the need to research them
  • I will teach you negotiating strategies that will deliver greater savings than just directly negotiating on price

I provide you with personal and supportive service
I take the time to get to know you, to understand your vision for your ceremony, and work hard to ensure that your ceremony exceeds your expectations.

Because I do nothing to compromise my capacity to give you 100% loyalty, where your venue's "preferences" for how your ceremony will be structured conflict with the unique, out-of-the box features you have planned, I can and will advocate on your behalf with the venue. Most venues prefer that ceremonies are very short, that the processional for a wedding is always done the same way, and that the ceremony happens in a certain order. To comply is to have a ceremony that is indistinguishable from every other ceremony ever held there.

I am used to dealing with situations involving difficult and unusual personal or family circumstances, so, no matter what the issue is, I will find a way to work round it with grace, kindness, and intelligence.

There will be no uncomfortable surprises
My policy and commitment is that you will have no uncomfortable surprises in relation to your ceremony. Everything will be agreed and signed off beforehand.

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