Bagpipe Music in Scottish Tartan Weddings
Nothing denotes a Scottish wedding more than the skirl of the bagpipe.

Most commonly, a single piper is used, but if you wish, a full pipe band can be used to escort the bridal car down the street towards the ceremony venue and in through the gates. For the actual ceremony, swap to a solo piper.

Bagpipe music is definitely not background music. If you want the piper to play as a prelude make sure that he/she is positioned some considerable distance away from where the guests are gathering. The same applies for the signing - the tunes played should be quieter and slower, and the piper should be some distance away, and definitely outside if the ceremony is taking place indoors.

It is physically difficult to play the bagpipes for any protracted period of time. If you want protracted background music playing consider a fiddler or other music source for that purpose.

When to have a piper play for the ceremony

  • to pipe the bridal car into the venue  
  • to lead the bridal party into the venue and/or down the aisle at the beginning of the ceremony
  • during the signing of the register and marriage certificate
  • to pipe the bridal party out at the completion of the ceremony

 Piping in the
                            bride: Scottish wedding conducted by
                            Jennifer Cram, Brisbane Marriage Celebrant
                            Jennifer Cram, Brisbane Marriage CelebrantPiping in the Bridal Car

Piping i
n the Bridal Car,  Piper: Tom Spiranac
Photo courtesy of
Alison Cooke Photography

Piping in the Bride
Piper Joe

 Recommended Pipers
These are pipers I've worked with and can recommend for the quality of their piping, presentation, and understanding of tartan wedding requirements:. I have no commercial connection with them and you should, as with all services, satisfy yourself as to their suitability for your needs.

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