Scottish Weddings in Brisbane

Bluebonnet Tartan Wedding Ceremonies are bespoke contemporary ceremonies in the Scottish tradition. Each ceremony is an intricate blend of ancient Highland tradition, familiar liturgy, and a modern approach to integrating the old with the new.

While having a piper and having the men wearing the kilt is often regarded to be the totality of what is required for a wedding to be “Scottish”, there are so many more possibilities for achieving an authentic celebration of your heritage.

Your ceremony can incorporate a range of wonderful traditions that celebrate the Scottish ancestry of either of the marrying couple. Nonetheless, a Bluebonnet Tartan Wedding is not just a reflection of the past. In the 21st century your Tartan Wedding can be infused with your personal style.

And, you can have a Tartan Wedding without getting legally married. So if you are  a couple who has married overseas or in a quiet legal ceremony, you can have still have the full Scottish wedding to celebrate your relationship.

There is a lot more to Bluebonnet Tartan Weddings than to the average Australian wedding, in particular, much greater involvement of the families and the guests, together with a number of rituals that emphasise that a marriage is more than the joining of two people.
Starting the ceremony in the traditional Scottish way heightens the emotion for everyone and provides opportunities for happy and natural photos that capture that emotion.. Including Scottish poetry, blessings, and other readings ensures that the ceremony is Scottish through and through.

I am well-experienced in the many traditional rituals that may be included in the ceremony.
  • Handfasting Scottish-style using a tartan band or ribbon.
  • The sashing of the bride is the moment when the bride is welcomed into the groom’s family and clan.
  • The presentation by the bride's family sword to the groom is likewise is a very special moment.
  • Other rituals such as the washing and blessing of the rings and jumping the besom can also be included in the ceremony
  • And if there are going to be children among the guests, you might like to have the traditional scramble at the end of the ceremony.

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